Starting Michael Vick Risky for Philadelphia

Philadelphia eaglesDonovan McNabb was the man in Philadelphia under center for years, until he was traded to division rival Washington this offseason.  This was to make way for Kevin Kolb, a player who the Eagles took in the second round a few years ago and who was considered the future of the franchise at quarterback.  They even signed him to an extension this offseason.  However, in the first game of the season he suffered a concussion, and was replaced by Michael Vick, he of the heinous dog fighting crimes that saw him spend time in prison.  Vick played fairly well against Green Bay in week one and Detroit in week two, but head coach Andy Reid said that Kolb would be the guy as soon as he was healthy.  Then Kolb got healthy, and found out Vick is still the starting quarterback.

So now, the quarterback of the future whom a franchise player was jettisoned to make room for is riding the bench behind Vick.  This is, to say the least, a risky move, even as the sportsbooks does like them to beat a team like, say, the Jaguars.  While Vick played well against the Lions, they don’t exactly have a good defense.  That is to say, they have a pretty bad defense.  What if Vick doesn’t perform well in the upcoming weeks?  Will they go back to Kolb?  Then, what if Kolb struggles?  Will they play musical quarterbacks this season?  More intriguing, what if Vick is a success this season?  What will become of Kolb then?  They have put too much money into him to just let him go, especially since Reid tied himself to Kolb over McNabb already.  Clearly, the Eagles are taking a risk with this move.  Now, will it pay off?

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