Sports Betting Strategies

Betting isn’t just about the exhilaration of placing wagers on our favorite sporting events. The main goal of a sports bettor is to win. You are putting your hard earned money on the line with the intention of winning it back, and then some. By using the right sports betting strategies, you can greatly increase the chances that your goal will be a phenomenal success!

There are tons of gamblers using better sports betting sites on a regular basis and they are not just wining their sporting bets, they are making a damn good living at it. Professional gamblers use sports betting strategies to make their career more productive. Anyone who is aware of these sports betting strategies has the same potential for success as the pros do.  The question is, are these gamblers paying taxes?

Sports Betting Strategies – Intelligent Bets
The most important factor of any sports betting strategies is to make smart bets. You don’t need passion to be a professional sports bettor; you need intelligence. A passionate bettor places a large amount on their favorite team with little more than a hope and a prayer that they will prevail. An intelligent sports bettor might even bet against their favorite team simply because they know which is the smarter wager.

Sports Betting Strategies – Gathering Information
There are two ways to gather information to help you make the best sports betting choices. You can do the research yourself, or pay for picks from a reputable handicapping service. The end result is the same, either way.

A handicapper researches all angles of an upcoming contest. Each contestant is studied for current and past situations that may cause them to play better or worse than usual (such as injuries or hot streaks). The past performance between both contestants is taken into account, as well as the recent accomplishments and/or shortcomings of each. The handicapper is able to come up with an exact prediction as to the outcome of the match-up, right down to the number of points each team is expected to score.

If you don’t feel like doing all of this work on your own, a handicapper is recommended. Note that the most reputable handicappers average about 80% accuracy, so remember “you get what you pay for” when choosing a handicapping service!

Sports Betting Strategies – Multiplicity
Too many novice sports betting enthusiasts will take their entire bankroll and wager it on one spotting event they are just sure they will win. Then what happens if the tide does not turn in their favor? They’ve just lost everything! A good sports betting strategy is to spread your wagers over several events, preferably all intelligent picks that have a high chance of winning. This way, if you do lose one or two bets, you’ve likely placed multiple winners to counter the losses and still result in a profit.

Sports Betting Strategies – If It Looks Like a Duck…
Some sports betting enthusiasts become too wide-eyed over a bet with extremely high payouts. For example, a horse race may pay 60-to-1 for a particular horse to win. The problem is, as pretty as those dollar signs look, there is a reason it pays so high. That chances of that horse winning are so far-fetched that a bet on him is virtually the same as throwing your wager in the toilet and flushing it.

Sports Betting Strategies – Long Term Profits
The most important thing to remember at all times is that a proper sports betting strategy should be observed in the long term. You can’t expect every day, or even every week, to be a winning one. You are going to experience downswings. It’s just a part of any professional gambling career. The idea is to keep enough back in your bankroll to keep placing intelligent sports bets. Never bet everything on a single event, or in a single day’s match-ups. When the tide swings back into your favor, the results can be astounding!