About Us

My name is Kevin and I love betting almost as much as I love watching sports.  My favorite season is football season!  Back in the 90’s (before the internet was a required part of life) I used to use a local bookie to place bets.  It was a good system for the time.  The downside of this type of system was the pain with phone calls to get the current lines and having to meet up at the local pub to exchange our weekly winnings/losses.    The system worked and was our only other option, besides flying to Las Vegas to make a legal bet.

An then it happened around 2003 I started using online sportsbooks.  I created my first betting account at Bodog and I still use it today (at Bovada though) – in late 2011 (december 14, 2011 to be exact) Bodog created Bovada.lv for their US customers.  Over the years I have/had accounts at most online sportsbooks, but nowadays I mainly just use Bovada, BetOnline and Bookmaker.

Simply put, this website was created as a solution for easily locating the highest rated sports betting sites.  We started with SportsGamblingWebsites.com in 2008 and are we are working on a major site update!  Follow us on twitter.com for our latest sports picks.