Sportsbook Bonuses

What you need to know about Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting offers bettors an incredible range of betting types. From parlays to futures, if bets, reverse bets, straight bets, and point spreads, sportsbooks offer just about every possible waging option. While excellent odds is a part of the allure, sportsbooks bonuses are what attracts many bettors and is a useful tool for sports betting sites. Every sportsbook offers a variety of bonuses which usually begins with a welcome or signup bonus to grab the attention of prospective members. This bonus is given to those who sign up and can be as much as 50 percent to 100 percent of the initial deposit.

How these Bonuses Work

Sportsbook bonuses vary from one betting site to the next and can take the form of a free bet or a matched bet. For example, you may bet $100 and a sportsbook that offers a 100% bonus will give you an additional $100 to make your bet worth $200. You have the potential to earn double if you win. Often, the money is offered in the form of ‘free play’ that you can use to bet on anything and convert it to real money if you win. When you lose a free bet you don’t lose real money. Most sports betting sites specify a minimum amount of winnings or bets made before they let you make a withdrawal. Some may stipulate a time period before you can cash out while others may ask for a minimum bet amount to qualify. It is always prudent to check prior to opting for any type of bonus.

Apart from welcome bonuses, sportsbooks offer existing players other lucrative offers such as a reload bonus. This is usually between 15 percent and 50 percent of the amount bettors add to their account. Special major league games and tournaments such as the NBA or SuperBowl could also include bonuses with a deposit requirement. Some may offer a pure betting bonus for playing a certain amount.

The significance of ROLLOVER REQUIRMENTS

One of the important aspects of sportsbook bonuses is the rollover requirements. Every online gambling site differs in their rollover requirements that can be anything from two to five times the bonus rolled over. For example, offers a 50% signup bonus (up to $250) that requires that your initial deposit plus the bonus amount be rolled over 3x before you are eligible to request a withdrawal. If you make an initial deposit of $200 and receive a bonus of $100 then you need to place ($300 x 3) = $900 worth of total bets.     

Here are the current Rollover Requirements fro each betting site bonus:

Bookmaker Bonus – $2500 max
20% bonus for $300-$899 deposit – 5x rollover
25% bonus for $900-$2499 deposit – 6x rollover
30% bonus for $2500+ deposit – 7x rollover

BetOnline Bonus –  $2500 max
50% bonus for $50+ deposit – 10x rollover Bonus – $250 max
50% bonus for $50+ deposit – 3x rollover in sportsbook (can also earn bonus at casino and poker at rate of 20X Casino rollover and/or 3 poker points per bonus dollar)

TopBet Bonus – $500 max
50% bonus for $50+ deposit – 5x rollover

As you can see, the bonuses are quite different and some are better than others.  It all depends on how much you plan on depositing and betting.  You need to decide and be aware of these requirements, or you may not be able to cash out your bonus/winnings.

Some sportsbooks set a time limit for bonuses which range from 30 to 90 days, where the amount will have to be forfeited if it is not rolled over. If you make a withdrawal before meeting the rollover requirements, you could end up losing your bonus. Therefore, it is important to understand the terms and conditions before you go ahead and place a wager. Reliable gambling websites are forthcoming about their bonus rules which you ought to pay great attention to. Bonuses are something you can take advantage of, as long as you are aware of the important factors such as rollover requirements.