Bet Smart and Win More Money

How to Make Money Betting on Sports

Most people that bet on sports lose money. If not, the sportsbooks couldn’t stay in business long. That doesn’t mean you can’t win. There are plenty of sports bettors that make money. Some even earn a hefty income betting on sports. What are they doing that losing players aren’t? They are more informed about the teams, trends, and updated lines. But most importantly, they bet with their heads, not their emotions.  Also, take advantage of the sometimes generous betting bonuses and be aware of basic betting strategies. Reading this article isn’t going to instantly turn you into a money-making sports betting machine. But it will give you the basics of what is required to profit at the sportsbooks.

Bet with your head, not your heart

Everyone has a team they are partial towards. And human nature is to think illogically about something you are partial towards. This holds true even for most of the top sports bettors. So refrain from wagering on your favorite teams. It is difficult to separate your emotions from your favorite team. Unless you have some inside info that the opposing team’s start player was out doing lines of cocaine the night before the game, it is best to avoid betting on teams you have an emotional bond towards.

Follow the trends but proceed with caution

Trends don’t tell everything there is to predict the outcome of a game, but they do help. This is especially true in baseball. Sometimes trends in football are useless due to a small sample size. But when it comes to baseball, paying attention to trends such as how a lineup fares against a left/right handed pitcher or in a big/small ballpark will help you make informed bets. In basketball, some teams are mediocre on the road. Some struggle against an up-tempo style of play.

Know everything about both teams…their style of play, how they match-up with each other, how frequently the star player gets laid…

Okay, you don’t actually have to know how often the star player is getting laid. Everyone knows star athletes get laid on demand. You do need to know these teams inside and out. I’m not just talking about the basics such as what each player’s batting average is or how many yards per game their quarterbacks throw for. Statistics like those can be misleading. You should ONLY care about how these teams match-up with each other.

For example, a football team can put up a lot of yards against really bad defenses. That doesn’t mean they’re capable of lighting up the scoreboard against legit teams. Just ask the 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes. You need to compare past performances against similar types of teams. Let’s say the Cubs have a left-handed heavy lineup and their facing a left-handed pitcher that is tough on lefties. Even if the Cubs are the better team, that doesn’t mean they’re the smarter bet in this game. Sports are all about match-ups, not about who the better team is. The casual sports bettor doesn’t understand this and that’s how Vegas sportsbooks make their money.

Increase your wagers as the season progresses

When a season begins, we THINK we know what to expect from the teams. But we really don’t know a team until mid-season. This is especially true for college teams. At the college level, it’s hard to project the improvement of players. It’s a bit different with veteran professional athletes. For example, you can pencil in Kobe Bryant for 25+ points per game every year. With that said it’s still best to place your heavy wagers on games late in the season when you know the teams better.

Making money at the sportsbooks is all about being informed and managing your money well. Don’t get frustrated because you’re in a slump and place a massive wager in a game, attempting to recoup lost wagers. Chasing your losses is a great way to go broke. Bet smart and make a profit.