Russell Wilson on Verge of Becoming Top Paid NFL Quarterback

 seahawks QBRussell Wilson, who is responsible for the three excellent seasons the Seattle Seahawks have had, does a number of things well. In fact, he is exceptionally good at winning. Thanks to him, the Seahawks now stand the opportunity of becoming the first team to win the Super Bowl championship twice after the New England Patriots accomplished a similar feat in 2003 – 4.

Wilson is also very popular among advertisers who are absolutely sure that their products will sell well if he features in their commercials. For example, Alaska Airlines gives priority to passengers who wear his jersey number.

Wilson is also on the verge of becoming the top paid NFL quarterback. He had to wait for it patiently as a collective bargaining deal of 2011 left him no choice. Rookies have to sign a compulsory 4-year deal with the NFL and Wilson’s deal will conclude only after the following season. His base salary for this season is $662,434.

Wilson was selected in the third round of the NFL draft of 2012 as several experts considered him to be undersized. In addition, he was playing in the Wisconsin team, which forms part of the Big 10. But the situation is different now. He can now expect to get the biggest salary in NFL history as he has completed 63 percent of his passes and has achieved 20 touchdowns.

Ian Rapoport, the NFL reporter, says that Wilson could either get a deal larger than that of Rodgers or at least $200 per year.