Sports Betting Tips for Newbies

Tips for New Sports Bettors: Getting Started on the Right Foot

If you’re new to the entertaining world of sports betting, I’m going to help you get started on the right foot.  First look over the How to Bet On Sports primer to get the very basics of setting up ab online betting account. There’s nothing more frustrating than depositing money into an online sportsbook account for the first time and losing it all overnight. Many have done this and, as a result, quit betting on games. I can’t guarantee you’ll be an instant winner but I certainly can make it more likely that your first experience with sports betting will be pleasant.

First things first, you have to decide which sportsbook you’re going to use. This is very important. Only use online sportsbooks that you trust. If you plan on hitting up a Nevada sportsbook for the first time, choose one of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas (Bellagio, Aria, LVH, Venetian, etc.).

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

I suggest creating accounts on 2-3 online sportsbooks. If you live in Las Vegas, you should frequent at least the same amount of sportsbooks. I’m not suggesting this for entertainment purposes. The purpose of this is to always get the most favorable betting lines. Let’s say you’re getting the Cowboys at –7 on Bovada but the line is –6.5 on BetOnline. That half point will be the difference between winning the bet and pushing if the Cowboys win by a touchdown. If you don’t have an account on BetOnline, you’ll be forced to take the less favorable bet on Bovada. Most lines at all sportsbooks (online and offline) are fairly even. But even a half point difference could be huge. So shop around.

Sometimes You Have to Accept Defeat

Sometimes the best lesson for a new sports bettor is to lose a bunch of money making stupid bets. No, I’m not suggesting you intentionally lose so you can learn this lesson. However, you are going to make some mistakes and games aren’t always going to go as expected. A successful sports bettor is never fazed by short-term losses. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Start Out With Small Bets and Increase Them Over Time

As you become more experienced you’ll learn from your mistakes. You’ll make far fewer mistakes a year or two down the road than when you start out. So at first, I suggest you start out small. Place low wagers while testing the waters. There is no need to put large sums of cash at risk while learning the ropes. Few new to sports betting start making good money right off the bat.

Keep Your Betting Habits Consistent

One mistake that costs tons of sports bettors dearly is placing all their chickens in one basket. What I mean is they have this ‘hunch’ that a certain team is going to dominate a game and it’s an automatic win so they throw down a massive bet on that game. Your bets should be fairly consistent. If you normally wager $50 on games, don’t place a $500 wager because you think a certain game is a lock. There are no locks. Upsets happen. Consistent betting is the way to go.

Take Advantage of Sportsbook Comps and Bonuses

This is especially important with using sportsbooks online. If you’re betting on sports in Vegas casinos, it’s nice to have a free drink here and there. But when it comes to online sportsbooks you absolutely must make sure you take advantage of the bonuses offered. It’s free money. Each site offers a different bonus so find that out before joining.

Avoid Large Teaser Bets and Parlays

Teaser bets make sports betting fun. It’s a different kind of wagering. But when you’re dealing with 6-12 team teasers – and parlays – it becomes a sucker bet. The odds of hitting a parlay/teaser with more than 5 or 6 teams is slim and the odds generally aren’t that great even though the payout is enticing. All you’re doing is throwing money away.

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