Docs Sports Free Picks

Doc’s Sports is somewhat of a highly professional and legit sports pick service in which they offer a mixed variety of handicapping information and news. Morey Moseman the owner of Doc’s Sports has been offering picks for sale to the general public since the early 70’s and over time has became to be one of the best rated sports handicappers in the business. They are registered and licensed business in Wisconsin and also have an office in Las Vegas the heart of the betting nation.

Unlike other sports betting handicappers Doc’s Sports has never placed an outgoing phone call to anyone on their list and do not believe in chasing systems from a losing streak. Doc’s Sports is made up of more than one handicapper and currently has a team of eight solid professional expert pick handicappers. This list consist of Morey Moseman, Robert Feringo, Allen Eastman, Indian Cowboy, Strick Point Sports, Jason Sharpe, Vegas Sports Informer, and 11th Hour Sports. When you subscribe to any of the experts above you will receive your picks via email with advanced pick selection reviews.

Each service provided at Doc’s Sports is basically covered by unique handicappers in which they specialize in. For example Alan Eastman is well known for his NFL picks as Indian Cowboy is highly famous for his ability to select winners in College Basketball. Without being able to go over pick analysis these guys use a bunch of handicapping tools to find the winners and continue to impress me with their overall winning percentage ability.

The pricing for Doc’s Sports varies depending on what package you want and at times you will be able to receive a quality discount for their service. Currently Doc’s Sports is charging $30 a day for his MLB picks or you can dive into a savings idea and go with an entire season for $750.00. A majority of the handicappers available on Doc’s Sports charge the same prices but can vary as some handicappers allow you to receive weekly packages instead of just daily or yearly plans.

Just like premium picks, Doc’s Sports handicappers also provides some quality free picks for it’s members to reward off of. Once in awhile Doc’s will publish on the main page a free pick but to receive your free picks on a daily basis you will need to register for an account at Doc’s Sports and access the easy to navigate website. If you do not want to visit the website daily you can simply enter your email address in the free picks field and they will actually email them to you on your iPhone or email account. It’s really a great free service they provide to get a heads up on who they like.

Doc Sports also offer a bunch of other great betting resources including live odds, handicapping reports, schedules, and sportsbook reviews. The information you can use to educate yourself on sportsbetting is basically un matched on the web and all provided at no cost. I really like the parlay calculator they offer as it’s easy to to type spreads and lines in and you get an accurate response to the payout odds. Below is a little more detail on the items they provide.

Live Sports Odds

Doc’s Sports handicapping website provides live odds for all major sporting events including odds to horse betting tracks across the country. There appears to be a little delay in the live line service but for free you can get the very accurate live odd trackers for around $250 a month, seems pretty steep unless you are a serious bettor. Currently they are showing odds for seven sportsbooks so your able to find the sportsbook with the best odds.

Sports Schedules

This is a really cool service they offer. Unlike visiting other websites that offer this I enjoy being able to view a particular team or sport schedule with ease. At Doc’s Sports you do not have to visit ten or so pages just to get to the schedule your looking for but just directly on the main page on the right sidebar. They have the schedules broken down by sport than to make it even easier by team after you visit the sport schedule page.

Sportsbook Reviews

I believe it never hurts to have as many transparent and unique sportsbook reviews as possible. When your on the Doc Sports webpage on the left menu your able to receive some of the most transparent and honest reviews available online. Currently they are offering free reviews on nine sportsbooks and goes into details on what they provide and how to reach each wagering company. Unlike other review type of websites at Doc’s they believe in open and honest transparency in which you will get exactly what they say.

All in all, I think Doc’s Sports handicapping services are a must for new sports bettors or veterans alike. They have such an outstanding reputation within the sports betting community and continue to impress us with all the options they provide. You can reach Doc’s Sports virtually 24/7/365 over the phone or via email. To top everything off you don’t need to worry about not getting your monies worth while investing with Doc Sports as they have a guarantee in play. With there sports selections if you don’t win they will continue to work with you for Free!!