Mobile Sports Betting

You can take part in mobile sports betting by betting online via your cell phone or mobile device.  It is clear that people are spending more time away from home, and therefore spend almost as much time on their hand-held electronic devices as on their PC.  Just think of all the mobiles and blackberries that now offer email and social networking applications. As always, the gambling industry is not far behind trends.  If you can check your e-mail and Facebook accounts online, why can’t you spend the odd hour or two playing horses, poker or slots?  Gone are the days when you would have had to visit a sleazy smoky sports book just to place a bet on your favorite horse.  Just log into your cell phone sports betting account and play!

Mobile Betting: The Most Flexible Betting out There

Using a Mobile Sportsbook is even more flexible and less restrictive than online sports betting.  You can really place a bet anywhere in the world as long as you have reception and an internet connection.  And to be honest, there are few places left in the world where you are left without these two prerequisites. Mobile betting is also opening up doors to people with no computer internet connection or limited access.  If you, for instance, can only access the internet at work, chances are good that they will block or at least frown upon visiting sports betting websites during working hours. sports betting on your phone

Mobile Sports Betting: Getting Started

You can place sports bets on any cell phone since most sportsbooks have a mobile site.

For example – the sportsbook uses for mobile betting.

Basically any android or iphone will work at mobile sports betting sites.  If you are in the market for a new phone, almost any smartphone will work with these “mobile sportsbooks”, all you need to do is type the address into the web browser on your phone. You can create an acocunt on the mobile site, but we recommend setting up an account and depositing on your home computer.  For one thing it’s much safer (especially if you are using public wifi) and it’s much easier typing your name, address, username/password, credit card # etc.  Don’t be mistaken, you can still do this all on your phone, but it will take a little longer..

Mobile Sports Betting: The Future

It’s still early days for mobile sports betting, with most of the bets consisting of text messages to place a bet on a sporting event.  As demand grows, however, and it will, we should soon see more advanced programs, and the possibility of having live games via 3G is not out of the question.  Other online gambling games like slots, blackjack and poker are already very popular games played on mobile devices.  Once again, as technology improves, these games will also have better graphics and include video versions.  One thing is for certain the future of mobile sports betting is looking very rosy indeed.