Bodog is now Bovada in the US

Current American players now find that when they log into their Bodog accounts they are automatically shifted to, a site that has the same exact look and feel of other Bodog properties. Anybody in the US going to the original Bodog site ( is now being transfered to

Bodog has always been a safe and trustworthy place for online sports betting and we don’t see any reason why that will change with a new name. After all it is the same group operating Bovada that operates and runs Bodog. The major difference (besides the similar name) is that Bovada is only open to US players, which should not affect anything.

Bovada = Bodog in the US

Bodog = Bodog for Europe/UK and Canada

What is Bovada?

The Bovada name is a cross between BOdog and neVADA and even uses the LV domain extension to try and give it some Las Vegas feel. When you go to the site, you will even see a picture of Las Vegas from the desert, with the Stratosphere standing out most. What’s the catch? The domain name has absolutely nothing to do with Las Vegas. The “lv” stands for Latvia. This is where Bovada Poker is based. It’s also operated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Commission.

How will this affect sports betting?

It does not appear that Bodog’s sportsbook will be any different on their new site, with sports betting, poker and casino games still available. The new site went up Decemeber 14, 2011 and has not been running long enough to fully judge if it will have an impact on online gaming, but other companies are sure to be watching closely to see if this approach will help thread the needle of federal online gaming regulation.

I live in the US, does my Bodog account still work?

If you currently bet or play poker at Bodog, you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be transferred to Bovada without you having to do anything. This includes username, password, cash balance, points balance and preferences. They want it to be a smooth transition. If you like to play more than poker, you can also access a sportsbook, casino games and horse racing from the site.

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