Cespedes Wants to Stick With the Tigers

Baseball star Yoenis Cespedes feels that he could’ve joined the Tigers a long time back had not the Tigers favored Victor Martinez and Prince Fielder. Instead, he landed up in Oakland. Speaking through Aileen Villarreal, his translator, Cespedes said that Detroit was most interested in him in those days.

yoenis cespedes

But Cespedes is with the Tigers now although it took him a long time. And now that he is with the Tigers, he would like to stay as long as possible. Since he is going to become a free agent soon, he says that he is open to a long-term contract with the team.

He said: “This is a good team now and will be for a lot of years to come. Every Major League player wants a ring, and with this team, you have a really good chance.”

However, he is now aware if his representatives have discussed the issue with the team’s officials.

Interacting with reporters after joining the Spring Training, Cespedes says that he has found a comfort zone in the team clubhouse after a tough year in which he was traded to Boston from Oakland. Shortly after that, he was traded to the Red Sox, and in December, he was traded for Rick Porcello to the Tigers.

Just as Cespedes is getting to know more about the Tigers, the team is trying to get to know him better. Cespedes’ strong arm is sure to benefit the Tigers greatly. Appreciating his speed, Ausmus, the team manager, says that he can “fly around the bases.”